Neetu Chandra pantyless images

Neetu Chandra pantyless images are making headlines. Seems Needu Chandra has also followed foot steps of Yana Gupta who attended a party recently going pantyless. Going without panty seems a new concept in bollywood to create controversy and remain in news.

After going pantyless, Neetu Chandra has denied the rumours. This is unlike Yana Gupta who made diplomatic excuses rather than denying it.

Neetu Chandra has been in controversy in past also for her photo shoot with another model in lesbian poses.

Neetu Chandra has few films likes Oye Lucky Lucky Oye with Abhey Deol. Overall she is yet to establish herself. Sees attending parties pantyless may help Neetu Chandra in getting publicity.

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Neetu Chandra pantyless images
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